Host A Creative Review With The ANDYs Trusted Partner

Gathering creatives to view, grade and discuss work from throughout their network is not only an essential part of agency culture and identity, it also helps improve work prior to submitting.


The ANDYs trusted partner AwardCore has taken their years of experience and built Agency Creative Review, a system to run internal review meetings that is simple and elegant, letting the attendees focus 100% on the creative.


As ANDYs Live proved, the best part of award show judging has always been the insights which come from the discussions. The Agency Creative Review meetings adds this key component of exchanging ideas to elevate and refine the work.


At the heart of AwardCore are experienced, dedicated staff who will assist throughout the process, freeing up agency staff to focus on the other necessary logistics to run the meetings.


For more information on how AwardCore can help with Agency Creative Reviews, please contact John DiMaggio at or 646-334-0015.