Icons, RockStars, & Innovators: The Only One There

What makes you an Innovator?

You’re not the problem, you’re the solution! You are traveling the roads not taken…being a pioneer of change…and fearlessly creating groundbreaking initiatives and solutions!

Shameka M. Brown

CEO & Executive Coach, The Only One There

As a 20-year veteran of the creative department, Shameka has spent the majority of her advertising career as the only one there. As a woman of color and mother, she has experienced the emotional (and sometimes physical) isolation that usually comes along with working in creative environments. 

After witnessing the mass exodus of tremendously gifted talent throughout her career, she was moved to support this diverse group of individuals years ahead of typical business models. As a thought partner, she is now using neuroscience and her award-winning creativity to help tackle business problems like attrition and retention, one engagement at a time. 

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Julius L. Dunn II

Founder, The Adversity Group

Over the last decade, Julius has worked relentlessly to introduce innovative, grassroots, diversity initiatives needed to help sustain the evolution of advertising and media in the 21st century. As an award-winning industry change agent, he has created integrated campaigns that have helped redefine hiring practices in a hyper-connected world. And he has cultivated partnerships that have raised the international visibility of industry professionals – particularly those of color. 

As a Millennial entrepreneur, Julius has led a series of bi-partisan efforts intent on creating a culturally relevant workforce for multinational brands seeking to authentically represent the diversity of their consumers. And now, his passion and experience have come together for what will be his legacy: The Adversity Group – a minority advocacy group of partnerships and programs with the goal of cultivating a culture of inclusion, as their collective mission. 

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The ACNY Foundation is proud to recognize outstanding industry professionals, during our 3rd Annual Black History Month recognition series titled, “Icons, Rock Stars & Innovators”.

It is our way of shining the spotlight on exemplary talent, integral to the evolution and growth of the advertising industry. Each day during Black History Month we profile a selected “Icon, Rock Star & Innovator” across all our digital platforms. In addition, our partnership The Gradient & Mixed Company podcast, allows for our programming to further extend throughout the industry; introducing and promoting these luminaries to new audiences. Follow the series on InstagramMetaTwitter, and LinkedIn!

Meet our illustrious lineup of “Icons, Rockstars, & Innovators” on February 26, 2020. RSVP here: https://bit.ly/31q13Pc

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