Industry Insights: ANDYs Juror & Creative Director at Media Arts Lab, Dafna Garber

We asked our 2020 ANDYs jury their thoughts on what the new year will bring us in the advertising industry and Dafna Garber shared:

What creative trends do you think you’ll see in 2020?

2020 will hold the most important election in recent history, I think we will see even more brands express themselves through creative and political intersections. 

What new forms of technology do you think will play a role in creative campaigns this year?

We’re at peak new technology, I believe we’ll see more work that reimagines existing, analog platforms in wholly new ways. 

Is the industry moving forward with integrity and authenticity when they show up in places of social good, or is it woke-washing? 

When every brand on the shelf wishes me a “Happy Pride,” I roll my eyes. But I have to unroll them and remember that while these social statements may be superficial at times, it’s incredibly radical that we’re helping brands model empathetic, progressive behavior to global audiences around the world. 

How effective is the advertising industry as a narrator and reflector of culture in this moment of time?

Effective or ineffective, advertising has always been a mirror to society. I hope when we look back we’re proud of the work we reflected to the world and the cultural conversation and change it inspired. But I also hope there’s funny shit too, they can’t all be serious!