Jessalin Lam, Director, Precision Marketing Academy – Nissan United at TBWA\Worldwide

As you look back at the last year, what are some of your favorite highlights from the program?

My highlights include the numerous connections, continuous learning opportunities, and access to industry conferences. One of my favorite moments was being able to meet Jay Shetty when he spoke about Making Wisdom Go Viral at Advertising Week. When we kicked off the program, I loved having the opportunity to take the assessment and read the book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0 to start the conversation about self awareness. The learning continued with the monthly PwC workshops that helped elevate me to where I am today. I could probably go on forever about the countless highlights from this phenomenal fellowship that felt like living a dream. The best part of it was knowing that the Ad Club of NY believe in me and invested money and time in my growth which means more to me beyond words.


What leadership skills (or other skills) have you gained since you’ve joined the program? How are you putting those skills to use within the industry, your community and beyond?

I will continue to reflect back and apply what I learned from the PwC workshops from the topics including negotiation, goal-setting, executive presence, and personal branding. They were all great recipes for success and learning to take the time to pause and reflect is a powerful tool to bridge the knowledge into action steps and insights.

What is the best advice you have received as an AD Fellow?

One of my mentors from the program said the below to me and I will never forget it as it really touched my heart and resonated for what I needed to hear. 

“You are a dynamic spirit and I can tell you are intrinsically motivated and driven. That’s what makes your ascension so exciting to watch. Gathering great people together is exciting because you can see the synergy and excitement that is produced when they begin to share and talk. Believe me you don’t need to share everything for people to feel your goodness.”

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