Kendall Quinn |Manager, Ad Innovation, WarnerMedia

What are the most innovative trends happening in advertising now?

I think that the most innovative trend happening in advertising is no advertising. There is a growing consumer frustration with advertising- the average person is inundated with a whopping 5,000 ads per day. As a result, we’re seeing a lot of growth with subscription models, like Netflix. Pandora even shifted to a subscription model last year.

Consumers value direct engagement with subscription channels. From a business perspective, companies can truly put the consumer at the center by offering a more enjoyable viewing experience.

I know “AI” has been a buzzword lately, but I also believe the role of AI in advertising has become increasingly important in driving automation, media efficiencies and improving the customer experience through relevancy and personalization.526665_5624.jpg

How do key cultural moments shape your creative/business decisions?

The upcoming 2020 election is undoubtedly going to be one of the most important cultural moments of the decade. Political ad spending is projected to reach upwards of $6 billion.

I believe Political advertisers will take advantage of emerging media platforms like OTT and CTV. These channels present a huge opportunity to reach lighter TV viewers and capture the younger audiences that are so vital to the election. It is up to publishers and agencies to think of strategic ways to package these emerging platforms into political ad budgets.

What are some tips for a young professional to stay innovative and bring fresh ideas to the table?

It is critical to stay up to date with new media trends. No two days look the same in our industry, with new consolidations and acquisitions occurring each week. Put yourself out there- take advantage of extracurricular advertising orgs (like the Ad Club of NY J ), attend media conferences, and read the trades! I find Andy Plesser’s videos to be particularly informative. He interviews key stakeholders on the evolving media landscape.

It’s also important to have no fear and take risks. The most successful companies will be the ones who embrace testing and learning and empower young professionals to speak up.