Kevin McNulty |President and CMO, Momentum Worldwide

What accomplishment from the past year was the most profound (either for you or the industry at large)?

Experience is now the core of marketing conversation. Past Cannes winners — MSFT Billboard, Fearless Girl, and Nike Church — are a testament to that. As confirmed through the launches of our WE KNOW Experiences 2.0 research this year and the MomentumBi™ business intelligence platform, brands recognize the power and value of experiences for consumers and their bottom line. The advertising industry recognizes the need to move in this direction, a shift exemplified by Momentum’s Grand Prix Cannes Lion for Industry Craft this year. Our Nike initiative was a testament to the idea that brands can create safe spaces and champion positive change in the communities they serve.

The industry is now aware of the vital importance of adopting data-driven strategies and will continue to lean on analytics to create authentic and relevant activations. This approach will not only drive our agency growth, but our clients’ as well. A prime example, Momentum expanded into new offices in Toronto, St. Louis, Atlanta, and New York City this year with plans to take on London in 2020. We look forward to the future and another year of global growth for our agency, and the industry at large.

What changes would you like to see in the industry in the next decade?

70% of consumers today will boycott a brand that goes against their beliefs, according to our WE KNOW Experiences 2.0 research. Brands need to bring in more diverse, young talent to focus on purpose-driven work. It is imperative that they be held more accountable to focus on prioritizing social good, customer experience, and sustainability. Only then will brands emerge as true champions of social causes. 87% of consumers demand that a brand offers customized experiences. We see the next phase of experience to be interactive and immersive — “Choose Your Own Adventure” and sensorial experiences will be top of mind. The future will see a deeper integration of next-generation technology in experiences, including increased use of AI, biometrics, and wearables.