Leading The Way Through Mentorship | Sindhuri Bhimavarapu, Strategy Supervisor, OMD

What is the greatest advice you’ve received from a mentor? How has that advice made an impact in your professional and/or personal life?sindhuri

That is a tough one! I would have to say the best piece of advice I’ve ever received has been from my dad. In his own words, he told me if I work hard now, I’ll be able to enjoy life later. It’s simple – but I think as I grow older, this piece of advice resonates with me even more. In the few times I find myself complaining, I always remind myself of this – and then it’s not so bad.

What advice would you share with those who are just starting out in their careers? As well as those in mid-level positions looking to advance?   

I would say to take all the opportunities you can, and say yes to everything! Every opportunity you get to meet someone new or work on a new project – say yes! You never know where it’s going to lead. Starting out can be tough, especially in an industry like advertising. There are so many roads and divisions within itself. Secondly, find mentors who can guide you in the right direction, or those you can just go to for questions. It can be your current boss, a family friend, or even someone you meet at a networking event.

Do you think mentoring in our industry (and beyond) can be improved or enhanced? If so, how?

This is a great question. Over the last few years I’ve been developing my relationships with my mentors and working on being a mentor as well. Mentoring is really what you make of it. There are incredible mentors out there who are willing to help out others, especially those who ask for help. When you ask someone to be your mentor, and you are taking that initiative, it shows that you are passionate about your advancement in the industry.

What do you think makes for a good mentor/mentee relationship?

Effort! It’s very important for the mentee to make an effort to get the most out of the mentor/mentee relationship. If the mentor is kind enough to give you their time, make the best of it and use it wisely!

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