Meet The Fellows: Lex Barberio

Lex Barberio is a Cuban-American photographer, fine artist, and creative director from Miami Beach 

who is best known for their whimsical take on life that comes through in every aspect of their work. From creating optical illusion photography to remodeling a Jets fan’s front yard and bringing them a stadium tailgate in the middle of a pandemic, Lex likes to make work that leaves viewers wondering if they’re dreaming. 

Lex has been working in advertising with their partner Will Kelleher since 2015 and has worked on various brands including Cheetos, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Meta, XFL, Miracle-Gro, and Lululemon, and has worked at various agencies, most recently R/GA and VaynerMedia. 

While working in advertising, Lex has been working on a parallel path to get their photography out into the world. They have had various gallery exhibitions in NYC and Miami as well as a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Long Island and have also worked with brands like Brooklinen, Lobos 1707, and the Human Rights Campaign as an influencer through their photography work. Lex has recently begun freelancing as a creative director in order to be able to work on both photography and advertising. 

“This fellowship could not have come at a better time for me– I was in the process of making a big career transition so the connections, introductions, experiences, and resources afforded to me through the fellowship have been invaluable and have changed the trajectory of my growth.”

Connect with Lex! Find them on LinkedIn and Instagram, and take a look at their photography and advertising work.


The i’mPART Women’s Fellowship, created in 2016, made a commitment of $100K annually to retain more diverse talent and promote more women into leadership positions. Now in its sixth year, the program has expanded from helping 10 to over 50 women pursue their goals and elevate their executive presence – providing more access, tools, & nurturing necessary for them to grow and thrive in all aspects of our industry.

Each Fellow receives:

All-expense registrations for industry conferences including but not limited to: ADCOLOR, Advertising WEEK NY, ANA, BE Women of Power Summit, 3% Movement Conference, SXSW, Fast Company Innovation Festival, CultureCon

·         Educational workshops, webinars and master classes

·         1:1 Executive Coaching

·         Neuro-assessments to determine strengths

·         Monthly night school with PwC Executive Training Program

·         Executive Salon Series fostering mentor connections and high-level networking opportunities

·         1-year AD Club of NY membership

·         Access to the industries top leaders

Learn more about the Foundation’s dedication to fostering the talent pipeline here!