Mediaction Supports imPART Initiatives

i’mPART mission: Raise awareness of the benefits of ‘diversity of thought” in business and rally professionals around a shared movement to make inclusion and retention a business imperative.

Join us by supporting this movement to Promote, Attract, Retain and Train diverse talent. Through education, socialization, participation and cultural influence.

Women’s Master Class Conference
Hands on workshops and countless inspiring stories for an impactful day of learning


Fellowship Program 

Providing Access & Nurturing to mid-level professionals moving them to the next level



Summer College Internships Program

Offering valued work experience, weekly Lunch & Learn Series & Mentorship


Diversity Mixers 

Socializing Diverse Industry groups in a collaborative way

2016-09-29 14.58.39AD Futures High School Student Advertising Competition Program


Creative Spirit Logorsz_composite 

Creative Spirit US Placing individuals with learning disabilities and neuro challenges in meaningful working experiences

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Ensure that our workforce reflects the diversity in our global community by DONATING or PURCHASING MEDIA to/from The ADVERTISING Club.
Past program recipients include: AAF AD Camp, ADCOLOR, Ghetto Film School,     Hyper Island, Marcus Graham Project and One Club Boot Camp