Meet The Disruptors: Alen Paul Silverrstieen, CEO & President | Imagination Park Technologies Inc.

Where do you see more opportunities for disruption within your industry?alen

Augmented Reality (AR) is rapidly becoming a powerful tool for brands to connect to consumers through mobile phone engagement and activations. Ultimately personalized AR advertising will be delivered to consumers with enhanced content that influences brand purchasing decisions instantly. Vertical markets with immediate call to action techniques such as the direct response media industry should see results increase exponentially as automatic “Buy Now” or “Enter-to-Win” transactions accelerate growth and ROI. Our tech stack provides agencies with an enormous benefit, solving the problem of reporting transparency. Every data point is measured and captured in-real time so campaign metrics, response, and ROI is transparent. Brands greatly benefit with AR, leveraging the unique ability to have a direct relationship with customers and to create finely tuned messaging.

What would you define as a successful, disruptive partnership with an ad/marketing agency?

Forward-thinking ad agencies are embracing AR to extend their portfolio of products and services, and differentiate brand clutter in the marketplace. As a technology and creative platform solution, we are looking to partner with brands, publishers,  agencies who understand client needs leveraging new avenues for activation and engagement. We have developed  the most advanced AR technology and are interested in partnering with agencies and content creators who want to participate in the “Augmented Reality Revolution.”

As technologies advance and influencers reign supreme, how are you finding new avenues to stand out in the augmented reality industry?

Imagination Park’s patented AR technology is the most advanced tool seamlessly bridging creative and technical elements together into a singular platform. Influencers can develop AR campaigns in minutes as our AR tool requires no technical experience. Any type of new creative can be instantly activated including existing content, videos, images, animations, GIFs, fxb’s, and 360 videos. We provide an unprecedented feature allowing brands to engage with customers twice – first at the point of AR activation, and again through a proprietary reward card system that is generated automatically and sent to consumer phones. The reward card can be used for any “call to action” like a coupon, sweepstakes, and one-click purchase capabilities. The potential creative messaging possibilities are infinite.

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