Meet The Disruptors: Ted Florea, Global Board Member of Strategy | Forsman & Bodenfors

Where do you see more opportunities for disruption within your industry?Ted-Florea

For the last decade, disruption in the advertising and marketing world has meant technology-enabled efficiency. It’s been about faster and cheaper distribution, production, and deployment of data – the frames and pipes through which content flows. That disruption is largely complete. Now it’s time to refocus on the creative content at the heart of what we do. Truthful, purposeful communications from brands that truly serve their audiences will be the ones that disrupt the BS and sameness that tech disruption has created.  

What would you define as a successful, disruptive partnership with an ad/marketing agency? Feel free to share specific examples, if possible.

At Forsman & Bodenfors, one of our principles is that “The only boss is the task itself.” A successful partnership cannot happen without a unanimous understanding of a brand’s purpose in the world and a creative way to communicate it. How can purpose move the needle from a business point of view? That should be the focus. That’s the job. A recent instance of this is Nike’s “Dream Crazy” campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. It’s the perfect example of a brand knowing its purpose, not sacrificing its values, and using timely creative to communicate its message.

As technologies advance and influencers reign supreme, how are you finding new avenues to stand out in your industry?

As advertisers, we need to work smarter instead of harder to connect with consumers. With the many distractions, messages, and clutter within technology and advertising, consumers just want to be associated with brands that they trust and that speak to them. While technology and influencer implementation are at an all-time high, we’re focused on using timeless storytelling told in the most timeless of ways to move people – emotionally and to action.

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