Mental Health and Returning To The Office

Mental Health and Returning To The Office

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In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, OUTFRONT Media hosted Jay Shetty as part of an A-List speaker series. Jay is a renowned, award-winning storyteller, author, purpose coach, and former monk who has a lot of wisdom and positivity to share with the world. The informal format allowed Jay to discuss ways we can all spark inspiration, empowerment, and transformation and allowed for Q&A with the attendees.

Both OUTFRONT employees and clients were in attendance and were regaled with Jay’s tremendous insights and guidance for living more balanced lives. We wanted to share some of our favorite quotations and guidance.

If you’re having anxiety about returning to the workplace…

“Make your offices the workplace you want it to be. We have the opportunity now to completely transform what work looks like. Let’s do that together. Let’s be enthusiastic and energetic about that opportunity rather than negative and pessimistic about nostalgia.”

“Don’t judge yourself or criticize yourself. Give yourself some space and grace to allow yourself to ease into it [getting back to the workplace].”

“Having your own daily habits and daily practices that give you the strength and the courage and the joy you need to make it through the day.”

“You can infuse your work with more of what you love. Bring your passion into the workplace. We can infuse our workplaces with our passions.”

“We have to go beyond our spreadsheet, beyond our PPT, beyond our device, and beyond our email inbox to realize the value of our work. I encourage all of you to find purpose by looking beyond the laptop.”

If you’d like to improve your connections with yourself and others…

“We should all learn to plant trees under whose shade we do not plan to sit.”

“The practice for gratitude is huge for boosting our mood.”

“If you can take a moment each and every day to thank someone in a specific way, it will change your life.”

“We all have 8 to 12 minutes to carve out for this (TIME). T – Thankfulness, I – Inspiration, M – Meditation, E -Exercise.”

“Inspiration is starting off your morning with a positive and powerful thought.”

“Meditation is making time for yourself.  Meditation is checking in with yourself. Spend two to three minutes alone in silence every day. And ask yourself this question, “What do I need to do today to make today a great day?”

“The first thing you experience at the start of the day is so important – make it powerful! Make the first thing you do, for two to three minutes, inspirational.”

“Nothing can replace the rest and replenishment that sleep gives you.”

“Movement is so powerful. Even days when you don’t feel like moving or you feel tired, I promise if you exercise, you will feel a rush of positive energy.”

“I believe that we are tested consistently in life to have the courage to follow our own path.”

If you’re tired of striving for unrealistic perfection…

“Remove judgment of yourself.”

“You couldn’t have expected to have an excel spreadsheet ready on how to survive a pandemic.”

“More vulnerability, more compassion, will be huge for people during this time.”

“If you don’t strengthen your own beliefs, values, ideas…if you’re not getting inspired and growing yourself, the noise will always be louder. We have to strengthen our own inner voice.”

“Just because you have a negative thought doesn’t mean you are a negative person.”

Additionally, Jay teamed up with OUTFRONT’s content platform, MOMENTS by OUTFRONT, and launched a new “MOMENTS in Health” channel. This limited-time content series titled “Today’s Mindful Moments” features simple, yet positive mantras and inspirational quotes, curated by Jay. For the month of May, the creative will run on OUTFRONT’s digital assets throughout the MTA transit system and on digital billboards across the country. Keep an eye out for the creative in a market near you!

For an additional, informational resource on mental health, check out “Raising Awareness of Mental Health”, Senior Marketing Manager Liz Rave’s piece on Mental Health Awareness and how brands are showing consumers they care through meaningful messaging on out of home.