Metaverse, Web3 and More At Advertising Week New York

Q&A with Jason Yim, founder & CEO, Trigger XR

What content or speakers are you most interested in hearing at AWNY? What are you prioritizing by attending this year? 

I’m most excited to hear from Mike Wann (Chief Strategy Officer, Super League) and the rest of the Measuring the Metaverse panel. It’ll be great to learn more about how key industry voices are coming together to discuss the importance of measurement in the metaverse. Interest in the metaverse has highlighted a gap in how the industry thinks about measurement for media that is increasingly interactive. And, there is little in the way of consensus on “attention” based metrics for fully participatory or immersive brand activations and media. It’s important for the entire industry to unite over this issue early on and set the standards collectively.


Any predictions around most-anticipated topics such as Web3 and the Creator Economy?

It’s expected that Web3 will get a reality check especially for marketers. Web3 is still highly relevant for product development, though anything designed to reach a wide audience for advertising or promotion will find solutions that have larger user bases and less barriers to entry.

And, the creator economy has already arrived. Look at Roblox as it’s just a different type of creator when compared to YouTubers or Instagrammers. With Dall-E and Midjourney disrupting 2D art forms, it’ll be exciting to see how newer AI tools will impact content creation in the metaverse and build and monetize their communities. 


The opening luncheon of Advertising Week celebrates brand excellence through The AD Club's Brave Brands event where the marketers behind the bravest work at The ANDY Awards are honored. What does ‘brave’ mean when it comes to advertising 2022?

“Brave” is to hunt what’s ahead in the technology curve vs. maximizing profit on what has already arrived or being commoditized. To be brave is to invest the time early and become an expert before any technology matures and clients start asking for it. However, you still need to be “lucky” for the tech to mature fast enough and for the investment to pay off. Otherwise, in hindsight, it will all just look “foolish.”