November's Member of the Month: Kris Magel, President, Initiative US!

Kris Magel Photo

This month’s featured member is a natural choice after just being named President of Initiative US.

Kris Magel’s contributions to the Club are numerous — he understands and embraces the value the Club provides and is quick to be an advocate to his own colleagues and network for events, opportunities to learn and network. When Kris first joined the Board of Directors he spearheaded a Sandy Relief volunteer day on Long Island to prevent future beach erosion and rallied the membership to do our part. Most recently, Kris has been instrumental to the success of our A&M series and fundraising for MEDIACTION to help young, diverse professionals launch their careers.

Outside of the Club, Kris is an industry influencer and leader, with more than two decades of experience in media and marketing. Prior to his current position, Kris was CIO of Initiative US and he has worked on brands such as Hyundai, Kia, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Miller Coors, Merck, USAA, Hasbro, Vizio, Ameriprise, Victoria’s Secret, PETCO, Nikon and more.

Kris, you are exactly what it means to be engaged with our mission, and we can’t thank you enough. Congratulations on many fronts including being our Member of the Month!

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