OOH:NOW Q&A: Cory Pearson of Haworth Media


In advance of our 8th Annual OOH:NOW Conference next week, we asked some of our speakers about their perspective on how we should be making the most of OOH and it’s technology, where it’s going and more. See what OOH:NOW speaker Cory Pearson of Haworth Media had to say on the state of Out-Of-Home today!

cory pearson

Cory Pearson, OOH Specialist at Haworth Media

What needs to happen for OOH to align with the overall digital landscape? And with other media?

One of the reasons why the digital industry exploded is because they have established standard protocols to manage audience and performance measurement. The digital industry’s KPI’s create dynamic pricing models and a currency for both buyers and sellers to trade against. By contrast, the OOH industry has only had a line of sight to deliveries which doesn’t illustrate the investment’s effectiveness. The OOH industry will need to establish standard protocols to automate buying and reporting and develop performance measurement tools which buyers and sellers can observe.

How do marketers make the most of OOH media? Is there a perfect storm of events/issues/circumstances when OOH is most effective?

This all depends on the objective. Is the advertiser aiming to build brand awareness, equity or drive sales? Each goal has a different strategy. Overall, I think media investments are most effective when it collaborates with creative to appeal to the target audience’s emotions.

How has technology improved the current OOH landscape in the past 12 months?

Mobile data is modernizing the measurement capabilities of OOH. With it, buyers and sellers will have a clearer view of audience and performance – giving them the foundation required to prove effectiveness and optimize future investments.

Are there any non-traditional places we are seeing OOH that have not been common in the past?

There are thousands of creative people in advertising who are constantly developing original ways/places to connect with consumers. One of my favorite recent examples was when my co-worker Jamie Wacholz worked with Street Factory Media to surround the Westminster dog show with miniature Target billboards for dogs attending the event.

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