OOH:NOW Q&A: Ian Dallimore, Director Digital Innovation and Sales, Lamar Advertising


Next week is The AD Club’s 8th Annual OOH:NOW Conference, and for the inside scoop on the state of OOH today, we asked our OOH:NOW speaker Ian Dallimore, Director Digital Innovation and Sales, Lamar Advertising about how tech can be used to serve better OOH content, where this type of advertising is most effective, which platforms should be utilizing OOH and more. Check out what he had to say!

Ian Dallimore of Lamar Advertising

What needs to happen for OOH to align with the overall digital landscape? And with other media?

I think the most important thing for the OOH industry to focus on in order to align itself with digital is real time data. We all know what creativity and the bold messaging that OOH brings to the table, but what is missing is the the data; the ability to dynamically trigger creative based on an audience that is passing by digital OOH ads at that moment is key. Consumers are constantly being bombarded with ads, so providing relevant and timely ads is what makes a brand stand out.  

How are technology partners being used to better serve content and provide greater creative optimization?

Lamar Advertising was the first to utilize OOH and mobile as a combined campaign. The first campaign we did was in 2013 with Kind Snacks in Chicago with our Mobile partner Blue Bite. The point of the campaign was to catch consumers at specific points of interest when they were in a health conscious state of mind. For example, a consumer, if they fit the demo, would be served the mobile ad at the gym or yoga studio. Then when the consumer left that point of interest, a digital billboard would be strategically positioned with the same messaging. We’ve since had large brands like Under Armour, Shellback Rum, Live Nation, Trident Gum, NBA All Star Stephen Curry and many others participate. With every campaign that we’ve paired Mobile and OOH with, we’ve seen at minimum a 56%+ click-through rate above the industry average. A lot of it has to do with creative consistency as well as being at the right place at right time.

How do marketers make the most of OOH Media? Is there a perfect storm of events/issues/circumstances when OOH is most effective?

I think that every campaign has it’s medium that makes the most sense to pair. As I’ve mentioned, we’ve had great success with Mobile + OOH but we also saw the same with Social Media and OOH where we’ve done countless campaigns with the live streaming of Instagram and Tweets directly to our digital boards. These campaigns like the Ben & Jerry’s #CaptureEuphoria one rallied it’s 115,000+ Instagram followers to share their “euphoria,” for example. They selected 25 fans and displayed them in a hyper-local manner across all OOH mediums. The results included a 40% increase in the Ben & Jerry’s Instagram fan base and over 18,000 photo submissions.
Another example is when Taco Bell introduced it’s #Quesalupa in Toledo and used it’s OOH ads as a test which encouraged it’s 1.64 million Twitter followers to encourage Toldeo Taco Bell goers to try it out. The results equaled over 1,000+ tweets streamed live to the 3 digital billboards in Toldeo.

How has technology improved the current OOH landscape in the past 12 months?

I believe the emergence of combining Mobile and OOH together has opened up more opportunities for our industry. What was once thought of as a billboard on the side of the road has evolved into endless technology and creative opportunities. I’ve seen a lot of people asking about what more can be done in OOH but by folks who don’t traditionally handle planning and strategy for our medium, which is really exciting! I’ve also seen more programmatic campaigns bought through our partnership with Vistar from digital online budgets, showing that more brands and clients are asking all of these questions about our medium. For me, it makes sense; the sought after Millennials don’t know the difference between “online” and “offline” and an ad is sometimes only an ad but if it’s presented at the right place and the right time across each person’s life pattern, then you will catch their attention. That is what programmatic and automated buying with data has done for our medium and we are only at the infancy of it!

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