OOH's Biggest Opportunity Yet

From Club Member Kiera Wood, Senior Marketing Specialist, OUTFRONT Media

Why is it important for brands to advertise this year during the holiday season?

Although name brand product scarcity feels behind us, we still have PTSD from trying to find paper products, latest research from The Harris Poll’s September 2020 survey found that 43% of consumers are still using a mix of new and old brands. With 68% of consumers agreeing they are spending too much time looking at screens brands must find innovative and attention grabbing ways to showcase their products in time for one of the biggest if not the retail seasons of the year.

How do you think stores/brands will reach consumers this holiday season?

With holiday shoppers planning to purchase more online, top of mind awareness is more important than ever. As gift shopping is ramping up for the holiday season, The Harris Poll’s latest research shows 58% of consumers preferred to shop online. (SOURCE: THE HARRIS POLL & OAAA, SEPTEMBER 2020.) With consumers today feeling digital device burn out mentioned above, it comes as no surprise that people are seeking time spent removed from personal technology. (SOURCE: THE HARRIS POLL & OAAA, SEPTEMBER 2020.) OOH allows brands to stand out and stay top of mind.

How does OOH reach the holiday shopper?

OOH provides brands a prime opportunity to reach consumers IRL and is proven in driving URL engagement. According to Nielsen, OOH secures more online activations per ad dollar spent than other media format and it increases search return on ad spend by 40%. The Harris Poll research also shed light on how consumers are traveling around this holiday season. 67% of people are still planning to travel for the upcoming holidays, the majority (56%) by personal vehicle. This is a great opportunity for brands to use targeted OOH media to reach, engage, and inspire, holiday shoppers on the go.