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Out Of Home Leads Advertising-Supported Media in Positive Value Perceptions

Originally published on MediaVillage

The Myers Report, which is entering its 40th year as the leader in researching, analyzing and reporting on media company performance and advertising industry trends, recently issued its annual Perceptions Report based on detailed feedback from more than 3,400 media agency respondents. The Myers Report 2023 Survey of Media Agency Decision-Makers and Influencers. was fielded in partnership with leading agency holding companies, major independent agencies and the 4A’s during July and August. In addition to 132 media sales organizations in nine media categories for which in-depth perceptions data was collected on twelve performance categories and twelve innovation deliverables, The Myers Report gathered information on agency and brand interest in building relationships with 106 additional companies in the Commerce/Retail, Programmatic, Metaverse/Gaming, Connected TV/OTT, and Data/Analytics categories.

Among the nine media categories, Out-of-Home generated the most positive overall performance ratings for its nine included companies, based on perceptions of respondents rating each company on a five-point scale. (5=Best-in-Class; 4=Preferred Partner; 3=Adequate Performance; 2=Underperforming; 1=Unacceptable) Evaluations of each company was limited to only those respondents who self-identify as being engaged in each media category and in an active business relationship with each sales organization.

Each media organization was rated only by respondents who were responsible for or influential in media planning and buying decisions for the category and in an active relationship with the organization within the past two years. Their evaluation was based on the three factors each respondent considered to be most relevant and important to their valuation of the organization. Respondents selected up to three criteria from a list of twelve factors on which their planning and buying considerations were primarily based. Overall, across all media categories, the most important factors were consistently: “Delivers Large Audience Reach,” “Brand Safety of Content Environment,” “Contextual Relevance of Content Environment,” “and Provides Innovative and Creative Opportunities.” Each of the 35% of respondents who identified “Innovative and Creative Opportunities” as a priority were then asked to identify how they defined innovation and creativity among an additional 12 options. (See The Myers Report on Media Innovation)