Out Of Home Print – Then and Now with PosterHouse: Rosie Edition

We’ve all seen this poster. Her image is as ubiquitous as Uncle Sam or Ronald McDonald. But almost everyone misidentifies her. In this month’s edition of Hot Poster Gossip, we explore the truth behind this iconic poster.


In February 1943, the now-iconic We Can Do It poster appeared in the back offices of a few Westinghouse factories in the Midwest. It was part of a larger series that the artist J. Howard Miller had been contracted to create for the company as part of an internal push to encourage employees to work harder for the war effort. These posters would rotate in two-week cycles over the course of the year, each one focusing on a way in which you, the Westinghouse employee, were part of a team dedicated to the company line. Read full story from PosterHouse.


Your Brand’s OOH Story 

Opening in Manhattan in 2019, Poster House will be the only museum dedicated to the global history and impact of posters. Across 15,000 square feet Poster House will be an engaging new attraction and asset to the advertising community.

As we construct the museum, our large facade window on 23rd Street highlights noteworthy posters each month to engage passersby. Called Hot Poster Gossip! this public interface provides a unique opportunity for brands to showcase their advertising heritage alongside accompanying text telling the poster’s backstory.

For four weeks, partners receive their logo plus a poster from their ad campaign, or a poster that speaks to their brand, prominently displayed on 23rd Street; promotion via email blasts, blog posts, and social media; and exposure to 600,000 passersby weekly.

To promote your brand via a tax-deductible donation of $7,500 to Poster House, a nonprofit, contact dan@posterhouse.org.