Reflecting on 2023

1. Reflecting on 2023 Trends:

In 2023, Momentum Worldwide continued embracing digital innovation via human-centric approaches. While we recognize the importance of human interaction in retail, we also acknowledge the growing consumer preference for convenience and efficiency. Contrary to the notion of reducing self-checkout kiosks, we’ve observed a steady demand for them. Over 40% of US consumers favor self-checkouts (1) for their speed and ease, a trend that aligns with the ongoing digital transformation in retail.

Our strategy has been integrating these self-service technologies while enhancing the human element in customer service. We’ve partnered with retailers like Walmart and financial services companies like American Express, to develop strategies that optimize their mix of staffed solutions, automation and self-service, ensuring customer choice and satisfaction. This approach caters to diverse consumer preferences and leverages technology to free up staff for more meaningful customer interactions.

2. Balancing Mobile Engagement and Screen Time:

At Momentum, we understand the paradox of today’s digital world: the need for mobile-centric campaigns and the growing desire to reduce screen time. Our approach has been to create highly targeted, impactful mobile experiences that respect the consumer’s time. We focus on quality over quantity, ensuring that each interaction is meaningful and adds value.

We’ve employed strategies like push notifications for time-sensitive offers and mixed reality technologies like AR that blend the physical and digital worlds, providing a richer, more engaging experience that transcends the traditional screen. This approach allows us to maintain a robust mobile presence while supporting the consumer’s journey towards mindful screen usage.

3. Themes for the New Year:

Looking ahead, we see a dynamic interplay between technology and human creativity driving business. While AI and automation are integral to our industry and future, they are tools that enhance, not replace, the human touch. We leverage these technologies to amplify creativity and foster deeper human connections.

We anticipate a rise in consumer nostalgia and a desire for authentic experiences reminiscent of the pre-digital era. This sentiment opens avenues for innovative marketing strategies that blend nostalgic elements with modern technology, creating unique, memorable brand interactions. We aim to use AI as a springboard for creative expression, ensuring that at the heart of every campaign is a genuine, human-centric experience.

(1) Self-checkout now comprises nearly 40% of grocery checkout options, study says | Grocery Dive



Authored by:

Donnalyn Smith

Global CEO, Momentum Worldwide

Donnalyn Smith is Global CEO, overseeing the growth of Momentum Worldwide. Previously, she served as President of North America, as well as EVP, Regional Director, Managing Director and Group Account Director for several of the agency’s large accounts. She is a founding member of the 4A’s Committee for Best-in-Class Account Management and a member of the 4A’s High School Initiative. Under Donnalyn’s leadership, Momentum was awarded Adweek’s Experiential Agency of the Year.