Rockstar – Ashley Suarez Wood

“Life is so short you can't waste even a day subscribing to what someone thinks you can do versus knowing what you can do” – Virgil Abloh

Ashley Suarez Wood is an Associate Creative Director of Copy at MullenLowe LA. Her ad career started in Los Angeles where she worked as a commercial actor at the tender age of 6. After getting typecast as “Girl Hitting Piñata” one too many times, she moved on to a fruitful career of playing make believe at home. Fast-forward past college and a brief stint as a PA for HBO, she’s happily found herself in advertising, where she’s had the pleasure of creating a VR experience for the Smithsonian, flying drones at the Olympics, racing cars in Mexico, and creating a track from Serena Williams’ tennis moves. She can’t wait to see what comes next.