Rockstar – Suzie Bao


Suzie Bao currently serves as a Group Account Director at Quigley, where she leads CRM engagement and loyalty campaigns for six Chase business units. In just her first year with Quigley, Suzie transformed challenging client relationships and boosted budgets by 20%. She is dedicated to nurturing and advancing her team while fostering high camaraderie among all departments she collaborates with. Boasting over 20 years of experience, Suzie has been a strategic marketing leader for top brands across the financial services, telecom, automotive, technology, and entertainment industries. Often referred to as the "client whisperer" and renowned throughout the office for her fashion sense, Suzie expanded her influence by joining the Advisory Board of Asians in Advertising in 2021, a nonprofit organization promoting the AAPI community in the advertising industry. In addition to her industry accomplishments, Suzie embraces roles as a mother, mentor, coach, and speaker.