Super Bowl Feedback: Tiarra Hamlett, Marketing Manager at Rouge Media

We asked creative executives in the advertising industry their thoughts on Super Bowl LIV, and here’s what Tiarra Hamlett, Marketing Manager at Rouge Media shared with us:

What was your favorite and least favorite creative campaign this year?
Tough question – I plead the fifth!

What did you feel were the overall themes this year?
I think the 2020 theme was to build connection and relevancy through emotional branding. Campaigns that fell flat focused too much on the technical and rational aspects of their products and services, and less on building an emotionally relevant connection with their consumer. Campaigns also capitalized on the growing female viewership with strong female narratives and storytelling. As the unofficial year of the woman – 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment and 45th Anniversary of IWD – it finally felt that the campaigns were taking the female voice seriously and bringing it into the conversation.

What do you wish you could have seen more of?
I will continue advocating for female narratives and representation, especially of women of color, and am looking forward to how female voices will be incorporated next year.