We asked AD Club members to chime in on Twitter and live tweet their opinions of the Super Bowl ads during the game, using the hashtag #adclubsuperbowl. Here are the best tweets from the community.

@emrgoldman (Emily Goldman): “What’s better? Steven Colbert, an eagle, and pistachios. Twice. Or David Beckham once? Hard decisions #adclubsuperbowl” 

@HavasStratFarm (Havas WW Strategy Farm): “Love RadioShack’s transparent admission of old school. Certainly best use of B-Talent so far #adclubsuperbowl 

@BemusedMusing (Erica Shand): “I’ll buy breakfast for whoever delivers a printed image of Tim Tebow running with the 2 puppies to my desk by 9am @MECideas #adclubsuperbowl

@JBBurtoni2 (Joseph Burtoni): “@Audi #A3 Luxury without compromise -that dog will give me nightmares #adclubsuperbowl #TheAdLife

@iam_odbZ (Orlando BudZ): “@AdClubNY Hands down the best I’ve seen is “Doritos time machine”. There humor is always what make their spots stands out. #adclubsuperbowl

Thanks for participating in The AD Club’s Super Bowl Tweet Fest, and be sure to follow us at @ADClubNY for news and insights on the latest industry trends!