The Importance of Human-Centricity: Yasuharu Sasaki, Head of Digital Creative and Executive Creative Director, Dentsu, Inc.

We asked our 2020 ANDYs jury their thoughts on what the new year will bring us in the advertising industry and Yasuharu Sasaki shared:

What creative trends do you think you’ll see in 2020?

Human-centric. Digital is everywhere, and people have got a lot of convenient tools and interesting experiences. However, they are still in the uncertainness. More human-centric ideas are needed to enlighten people to find a right direction of the future.

What new forms of technology do you think will play a role in creative campaigns this year?

This year, I think AI will become more interesting, and 5G will come next year. We will not get any attention simply by using AI, but AI will become a more powerful tool for creatives to invent unique and human-centric campaigns.

Is the industry moving forward with integrity and authenticity when they show up in places of social good, or is it woke-washing? 

The industry will head in the right direction if we always look the essences of brands and provide sustainable and meaningful experiences. However, still some of for-good ideas are just for campaigns, and people give up on such brands quickly.

How effective is the advertising industry as a narrator and reflector of culture in this moment of time?

In days past, our industry was a reflector of culture and future. However, brands are only focusing on their efficiency and advertising look boring. People are far more advanced than the advertising industry. To become a reflector again, now we need the ability to see the future beyond all the uncertainness of today’s society, to transform that future into a convincing story, and the ability to turn that story into an exciting and sustainable experience.