“Award shows don’t need categories and jury rooms don’t have to be confidential spaces. We are creating a seat at the table for everyone in the name of craft, transparency and education.”

The Andy Awards is opening up its jury room on Meta. Log onto Meta on Saturday, March 17 (US time), to watch the judging process and find out what creative leaders are really looking for in standout work.

The deadline for entries has also been extended to February 28, but late fees will apply after the initial deadline of Wednesday January 31, midnight (PST).

Enter here.

The Andys has eliminated all categories (no extra costs for multiple entries).

“We know that it takes a lot of careful consideration and dollars to ensure you’ve entered the right work in the right categories. And it’s our feeling that if you enter your best work and it wins Andy, you shouldn’t have to enter it multiple times for it to get all the recognition it deserves – because a great idea is a great idea,” stated Gina Grillo, president & chief executive officer, The Advertising Club of New York & International ANDY Awards.

“Yes, we are eliminating categories, however, the best ideas will win an Andy and additionally your work will be considered in the following areas:

Andy Reset (innovative or groundbreaking ideas)
Andy Distinction for Craft
Andy Socially Conscious Ideas (Richard T. O’Reilly Award)
Andy Bravery Award (best examples of creative/marketer collaboration)
Student Work will remain its own competition (Glenn C. Smith Award)
There will still be a Grandy winner (best in show) and a scholarship to the winner of the student competition. The Andys will also continue to make a donation to the charity behind the best in show for pro bono work.

Read through the entry guidelines here.