Winmo Debuts Branded Content

Winmo has integrated select branded content insights from Contalto into its advertising database, unearthing opportunity in a fast-growing but often unmeasured segment of digital media: sponsored content.

Contalto tags, analyzes, and categorizes sponsored content that brands publish on 200+ publisher sites and social media platforms. Select insights from Contalto now appear on thousands of brand profiles in Winmo, enabling Winmo users to identify sponsored content marketers, and the publishing sites their content appears on, alongside the brand and agency teams who control these budgets and investment in other media vehicles.


“Over the past two years we’ve delivered a number of updates to track sales leads with brands spending in non-traditional environments ranging from podcast and social media to OTT,” said Dave Currie, President and CEO of Winmo. “Our partnership with Contalto provides another piece of the digital marketing puzzle, giving sellers the opportunity to identify sponsored content leads and craft compelling pitches that show they understand a brand’s full digital footprint.”

The partnership unearths opportunity often not counted in traditional digital media monitoring, as a majority of paid ad detectors miss sponsored articles and content designed to look more native. Winmo-Contalto’s new partnership provides visibility into key players in the sponsored content ecosystem, unearthing insights that power new business.

“Our research has shown that publishers with access to our branded content intelligence see an 88% higher branded content volume compared to their peers,” said Didier Mormesse, CEO and Co-founder of Contalto. “We’re thrilled to provide a sample of this data to Winmo’s audience, and to surface it inside of profiles that track the brand and agency decision-makers that control these budgets.”

Winmo users will gain visibility into brands’ sponsored content across publishers and joint social posts inside the profiles they view to find decision-makers, measured media spend across traditional and non-traditional channels.

Who can benefit?


  • Unlock new business opportunities
  • Build lists of sponsored content spenders
  • See which publishers a brand works with


  • Nail new business pitches with relevant content
  • Understand a brand’s complete media mix
  • Get context and creative details

Want to learn more? Visit our Find Branded Content in Winmo help article. In addition, for customers interested in getting alerts and accessing Contalto’s full database of branded content feeds, Winmo is pleased to offer a trial of alerts and demo of the branded content offering. To get started, navigate to any branded content profile in Winmo and select Get Alerts.