YANGAROO Expands Ad Delivery Service to all Major Broadcast and Cable Destinations in Canada


Many agencies and advertisers have been asking for an alternative means to reach all of the Canadian market with one ad delivery system. Thus, YANGAROO has worked to ensure every major broadcast station and cable network is now online with their cloud-based platform and able to receive advertising content from agency and advertiser senders.

For agencies: They can now use YANGAROO’s cloud-based technology platform to send ad content to all of Canada and the vast majority of the United States (over 16,000 destinations total).

For destinations: Not only are they online with YANGAROO, but YANGAROO ensures the advertising content delivered is in the required format per the destination sites requirements; there are over 400 unique formats, so having a partner like YANGAROO to deliver it how each needs it specifically saves time and money on their end.

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