Young Professional Committee's 2nd Annual Summer Speed Networking Event on July 15!


The AD Club of New York’s Young Professional Committee is planning the 2nd Annual Summer Speed Networking event this summer on July 15 at Publicis Healthcare Communications Group.

Come join us to support young professionals and grant them access to industry professionals in a casual setting – Register Here!

Want to know what it’s like to attend? Hear what Gillian Derario, Assistant Account Executive, McCann had to say about her experience and how she landed a job opportunity from last year’s Summer Speed Networking event:

How did you hear about Ad Club’s Speed Networking event?

After graduation, admittedly I had no job or internship lined up. In my spare time, I knew I would need to start meeting people, because as they say, “It’s all about who you know.” I began looking online for advertising groups and organizations in NYC to join for mentorship and networking. Among many other groups in the city, I found AD Club of NY, and saw that they were hosting a speed networking event for young professionals. After having attended several networking events by that time, and reading the description of this event, I had a feeling this one would be better tailored to someone in my position.

Please share your experience after attending this event:

During the event, I reconnected with an alumni from my college. We chatted about the agency he was working at (McCann Erickson), and he was impressed by my knowledge of their new business acquisitions. During our conversation, I also mentioned that I was still looking for a full time position. After the event, he connected me with a Human Resources Specialist at the agency, who offered me an incredible internship working on one of the pieces of new business.

If you were to recommend this event to someone, what would you say are the benefits to attend?

I recommend this event to any young professional or aspiring young professional in advertising. It’s one of the few spaces for younger people to network with others close to their age – others who know what it’s like to be new to the work force. This is also a great outlet for learning about all of the different positions and career options in the advertising world and learning about them from the ground up. And there’s always the potential for HR reps to be scouting out some good entry level candidates!

What did you like the most about the speed networking event?

Networking can be intimidating at times, but what I liked most was that the setup of this event truly makes you feel at ease while you network. They remove the awkward introductions and conversation enders by having you move around to new people every five or so minutes, and provide questions as conversation starters. This event is the best way to grow your network and feel comfortable while doing it.