2019 Predictions from Geoff Edwards, Co-Founder| SATURDAY MORNING

Geoff Edwards, Co-Founder | SATURDAY MORNING

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What does the future of award shows look like?


Hopefully different than the last 100 years.

I don’t have a crystal ball however I do believe the future of award shows will be lead by creativity, innovation and transcend categorization.

For starters, the entire model may change. They may resemble the United Nations who knows? Imagine a global showcases of innovation where the award is a mere consequence of helping to solve a real world issue through creativity.

I could see a day where there’s 1 single event. With 1 single category. that celebrates 1 piece of innovative global work. An analytics exec would confirm legitimacy. And of course that work would be chosen by a jury as diverse as the idea submitted.


What will be the biggest shift in your approach to creativity in 2019 and why?


My approach to creativity this year is simple and personal. I want to have fun and help people. Last year I made the choice to dedicate more time to building SATURDAY MORNING the organization I co-founded three years ago to fight injustice through creativity. I now get to work with our foundational clients at a CMO and CEO level that share our core belief that Doing Good Is Good Business.

My creative process has simplified. I work with my friends and we innovate around peace. The focus this year will be to use my creative gifts for a higher purpose.

I’ve always believed that brands have the power to help drive change.

I now see that the good brands are courageous enough to use it.