5 Things That Fuel My Inspiration | Scott Davis, SVP, Corporate Sponsorship, NPR


What are the five things that fuel your inspiration at work and why?

  1. Responses 1-3 could easily be my three kids but, to make the list more fun, let’s call that #1. My kids are a regular source of, not only inspiration, but constant amusement when I’m in the office, working from home, traveling and pretty much all of the rest of the time.
  2. Central Park. In all seasons of the year, a stroll north on 6th Ave. to Central Park and a loop around the pond before heading back home on 8th Ave. provides inspiration and peace.
  3. Fresh Air.  Both the actual air we breathe and especially the NPR program.  With interview subjects ranging from Doris Day to Howard Stern to reporters covering congress, the supreme court and immigration, it’s a regular audio and mental destination that makes me feel connected.
  4. Cookie and espresso. An afternoon must.
  5. Heavy reliance on the stories of the adventures my colleagues, their families and their dogs embark upon. I have the luxury of working with a crew of dog-loving world travelers, so the fact that there are no shortages of stories gives me a regular source of inspiration and amusement.


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