Anne Kreamer's Inspiring New Book "Risk/Reward" Dives Into How Brave Choices Impact a Successful Career in Today's World!

risk reward

Last month, JWT celebrated the launch of the new book Risk/Reward: Why Intelligent Leaps and Daring Choices Are The Best Career Moves You Can Make by Anne Kreamer.


Author Anne Kreamer (Photo credit: Lucy Andersen)

Risk/Reward is about what it takes to have a successful career and attract/retain modern talent in the 21st century. It’s inspiring, motivating, and explores how embracing intelligent risk is an essential way to improve the quality and longevity of our working and personal lives.

Anne teamed up with J. Walter Thompson to conduct the research featured in the book.

“In the course of three national surveys I conducted with the global advertising agency J. Walter Thompson for my new book, I discovered that more than half of Americans, from all levels of the workforce, are thinking of changing not only their jobs but their careers,” Anne said. “But of those who want to change, roughly 50%, have no clue how to start figuring out the next chapter.  To discover that so many Americans are eager to transform their working lives but at the same time are stumped about how to enact the reinventions they imagine was eye-opening.  Are some people naturally more comfortable with risk?  How does nature fit in with nurture, temperament with training?”

To celebrate the book’s launch, JWT hosted a lunch and fireside chat with Anne and JWT’s Mark Truss, moderated by Brett Wallace of LinkedIn.

For a content preview, please see this article from Harvard Business Review here!

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