Best Brand Campaign Of The Year, Future of Brick-and-Mortar, AI and More

Q&A with Lisa Gramling, SVP, Research Innovation & Intelligence, NA, Momentum Worldwide


In your opinion, what was the best 2021 brand campaign(s) and why?

Hands down, Extra Gum’s “For When It’s Time” long version commercial. It was everything a campaign should be -- funny, emotional, and relatable and did such a good job capturing the feelings and experiences we’ve been dealing with since the pandemic began. I’ll be honest, when I first watched the spot, I replayed it at least 5 times, it was pure joy, and the Celine Dion song was the perfect soundtrack. It looked to the future in a humorous and hopeful way and, after the year we had, I really appreciated that.


What do you think will be the major advertising trends to look out for in 2022?

We’re going to see traditional brick-and-mortar stores evolve. They took a hard hit due to the pandemic but, for many, this has sparked new ideas to reassess and make changes to how they attract customers. I’m liking the idea of the “community hub” where traditional stores are creating experiences and events within their spaces – both inside their walls and in their parking lots – where consumers can gather with others and have fun, all within the store footprint.


What is your impression of brands that continuously evolve their messaging around the pandemic during these unprecedented times? Does it resonate positively or negatively?

We’ve seen in our own research that consumers have pandemic fatigue. They want to move on, despite that yes, COVID is still very present. It’s a delicate balance for a brand right now, you don’t want your messaging to come off as insensitive, yet you also want to aid your customer in their desire to move on. My advice to a brand right now? Start focusing your messaging on the future. Inspire hope and encourage a positive mindset. That’s what we all need.


How do you see the world of advertising technology changing in 2022?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become more integrated in what we do, not just from an execution and experience angle, but from how we operate as agencies. We’ve been talking about AI for years, but these last two years have pushed it into the mainstream. From the metaverse to the workplace to creative execution, AI is going to finally have its moment.


Lisa Gramling, Momentum Worldwide’s SVP, Research Innovation & Intelligence has over 20 years’ experience in market research and insights. Lisa is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of all of Momentum’s research and insights, both internally and externally.