CES Learnings from Liya Sharif, Head of Global Brand, Content & Creative | Qualcomm

Liya Sharif | Head of global brand, content & creative services | Qualcomm |


In one word, how would you describe your experience at CES this year? 


What’s the hottest/most prominent topic being discussed at CES this year? What did you learn about it?

One of the hottest topics at CES is 5G – the truths, the myths and what it will become for technology and world at large. We are in the midst of an exciting new technology transition in which billions of devices and objects are becoming intelligently connected. 5G will make connectivity like electricity and it will spur the era of accelerated innovation, it will eliminate barriers to invention across industries, transform business and experiences. The industry is commercializing 5G in 2019. The consumers will be able to experience 5G on their smartphones first with interesting use cases tied to VR, gaming, socializing and more.  

What’s the one learning that surprised you the most?

As mobile technology is moving into everything, CES is becoming a show for automakers as well. The mobile technology is redefining the in-vehicle experience and it is on display at CES. 5G and AI will fuel more personalized, data-driven experiences in automobiles – with new visual experiences, real time updates, access to rich content, context-aware safety and more.