Coming Soon: A&M Series

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For over a century, The AD Club has provided exclusive access to the “Who’s Who” of advertising. This fall, over the course of seven weeks, you will hear from masters of the industry who are redefining our business. This is an opportunity for you or your employees to better understand the business and build the skills to keep moving on the fast track.

We are thrilled to kick off the series on October 7th with Michael Duda, Chief Executive Officer of Johannes Leonardo. He will lead the series with “Transcend the Hype — A Conversation on the Fundamentals of Business.” Video has evolved, social has disrupted and mobile has arrived – industry practices continue to rapidly advance but some things never change. Whether you sit within an agency, brand marketer, trading desk or service provider, we are all called upon to do the same thing: solve business problems. Michael will lead a conversation on the timeless fundamentals of business and how they apply to today’s client and ecosystem. Register today!

Check out the full line-up here: Advertising & Marketing Series