E-Commerce Predictions with Jordan Weinstein

From AD Club Member Jordan Weinstein, Director of Business Development, Candid Worldwide

As our economy begins to reemerge and some stores/businesses start to reopen, but with limited capacity – what are some tips for driving demand for less capacity? 

Businesses need to show their focus is on safety and overall compliance with health guidelines. Candid quickly began producing basic informational COVID safety signage for supermarkets and other essential businesses back in March, but, as other parts of the economy such as restaurants and retail stores re-open we have seen a larger focus on the quality of the safety communications graphics.

An investment in quality safety communications inspires confidence in a business’s ability to keep consumers safe, and if the consumer feels safe the demand should grow. 

What are the practical considerations that businesses in different sectors (travel, retail, restaurants, entertainment) need to consider as they start to open their doors again, including physical modifications to locations and new policies? 

They need to consider if their business is able adhere to distancing guidelines while remaining profitable. Retail Stores are flooding their locations with directional signage to keep consumers informed of proper protocol, many of those retailers are learning that keeping people 6ft apart will reduce capacity dramatically.

Restaurants and Entertainment venues need to speak to one another on new trade norms, our clients are basing their strategy off what others have done in that industry while making their own improvements and adaptations.

How will brands modify/change their messaging post-COVID? Will it change at all?

Across almost every industry brands will need to constantly elevate and modify their health & safety messaging. The same way that environmental initiatives became hugely important to brand identity, health consciousness will be the same.

How do you think stores/businesses reopening will impact ad spend in Q3+Q4? 

If the planned reopening of the country continues then AD spend should continue to rise in Q3+Q4. Brands are definitely investing in their new safety protocols and will be eager to convey that to consumers through effective advertising. AD spend will probably be more targeted than ever before with transit patterns completely shifted across the country. As someone who is in the traditional print space I believe we will see an increase in static OOH, the impact of a printed billboard posting is always the strongest.