Embracing Work During Covid-19: Laura Chamberlain, Senior Director of Marketing at Ogury

As everyone is navigating and adapting to this new normal in light of Covid-19, we asked our members how they’re managing work and life during these tough times. Here’s what Laura Chamberlain, Senior Director of Marketing at Ogury shared:

How are you keeping yourself/your teams motivated?
Lots of video calls, frequent sharing of tips & tricks on productivity while working from home, as well as increased opportunities to connect face to face over video chat. Ogury has also been hosting virtual workout classes throughout the week for our team and clients, to provide a break in the day and encourage wellness. On Friday’s we do “Yogury” to wind down from the week!

What tips and tricks have you discovered for yourself that have made working from home more productive?
I try to stick to a similar schedule as if I were in the office. I’ve also found over-communication with team members helps to keep me motivated.

How is your business pivoting in light of the current situation?
When it comes to our marketing efforts, we’ve focused heavily on providing insights related to consumer behaviors during this time that have proven very interesting to our client base. Consumers are using their mobile devices more than ever while on lock down and it’s been interesting to track the explosion of apps on to the market that help us stay connected. Houseparty’s app possession, for example, has increased by over 450% in the US since mid-March, according to Ogury’s Active Insights.

How are you and your teams being innovative/resourceful during these times?
As part of our ongoing #OguryGivesBack initiatives, we’ve launched a mobile ad campaign in the form of a PSA that reminds the general public to wash their mobile devices as much as they do their hands. The purpose of the campaign is to generate broader awareness of the necessary sanitary habits related to our mobile phones and to raise money for the Coronavirus Relief Fund via Global Giving. You can read more about the campaign here. Ogury is matching the amount raised for the foundation up to $10,000.