Get Your Marketing Strategy Ready for 2021 in Just 3 Days (for free)

By Katie Genovese, Marketing Director, madconNYC (Reed Exhibitions)

(Not at all a) news flash: it’s been a weird year and I must confess—in the past seven months, I’ve spent a lot more time pivoting (gross, I know) in the moment than I have shoring up my 2021 strategy. Although my budget has been set for months, I am just now assessing line item allocations, exploring potential tech investments, and arranging editorial calendars. To be fair, I’ve been a little busy promoting this super cool digital shindig that’s right around the corner (and you’re going to hear all about it right now).

That said, from December 1-3, I’m planning to take a beat from the great hamster wheel of 2020 to tune into the truly current, unique, and forward-looking programming that will be offered at the madconNYC Digital Marketing Summit.

Here are a few ways I’m spending my time, with the goal of learning new tactics, tools, and strategies I need to feel confident about marketing my brands in 2021:

  1. Explore new tech for my stack

Thankfully, we can attend sessions live or on-demand, because I don’t want to miss a single minute of the IAA Academy @ madconNYC: a series of sessions covering how to leverage technology to build stronger DTC brands. These sessions will be led by the platforms on which we hang our hats daily, including Meta, Google, and TikTok among others.

Between education sessions, I’ll browse madconNYC sponsors to check out which new tools and services could help me work a lot smarter in 2021. Personally, I’m planning to schedule quick meetings with vendors that are innovating automation, augmented reality, and the customer journey.

  • Learn about what’s changing in our industry and how I should react

In response to the emotional, economic, and logistical impacts felt around the world in 2020, brands are taking a stand on social justice issues, reevaluating media planning, and looking ahead to 2021 and beyond. I’m especially interested to learn what authentic, strategic shifts are working for the best in the business, and which ones I can effectively apply to my own work.

  • Get some fresh pairs of eyes on my strategy

madconNYC has this thing called Ask the Experts, which we’ve designed for the shy and the extroverted alike. We lined up dynamos in their professions across topics like CRO & A/B testing, personalization, and marketing automation. They’ll hold open sessions on which attendees can drop in and ask their burning questions about each subject. Alternatively, they Experts have also made their calendars available for attendees to schedule 1:1 video meetings within the event platform.

My company is transitioning from a portfolio of annual events to year-round content machines, so I for one am snagging some time with Content Creation Expert A.J. Beltis from Hubspot to see what he thinks of my 365 plans. Because I also need to be able to shift between brand voices, values, and audiences on a dime, I’d like to check in with Brand Personas + Social Media Expert Jesse Bender.

Map your madconNYC journey

My madconNYC agenda is heavily focused on future marketing trends, but there are also plenty of resources for those focused on content creation, social media, data + analytics, and more. Whether you’re considering attending or are already registered, you can take this fun, 6-question quiz to generate a list of sessions, experts, and solutions that you can check out December 1-3 to get your brand’s marketing strategy exactly where it needs to be as you head into the new year.

Ready to take that well-deserved break from 2020 to get set up for the year ahead? Register for the madconNYC Digital Marketing Summit (for free!) today.