Global Problem recognized by Brazilian Students


The Glenn C. Smith Award and Scholarship, which is the top honor in the ANDYs student competition, went to three students from Miami Ad School Rio for a concept which took the Brazil’s political climate and used it to solve an urban behavioral problem.

“Shitty Candidates” encouraged São Paulo pet-owners to abide by the law and clean up after their dogs, a city-wide problem, by harnessing public sentiments of political corruption. Concepted for brand ZeeDog, the idea aligned with the company’s mission of ‘connecting dogs and people’, perhaps just not in the obvious sense.

Arthur Amiune described the concept by saying “We were tired of everything related to Brazilian politics; tired of how our politicians act behind our backs, how they ignore our earnings, as well as the endless and innocuous political discussions on Meta. We wanted to create agitation to the Politicians – something dirty, visceral, full of irony, but also fun – that still helps to solve a problem that everyone hates to deal with.”

Shitty Candidates won top honors by leveraging a universal pain point – one that resonated with the integrated Jury representing various regions of the world. In doing so, the idea also made them laugh and left a memorable impression throughout the Judging week and beyond.

Arthur Amiune, Bruno Buhr, and Leonardo Telles will use the $10,000 towards funding their education in advertising, directly with the Miami Ad School Rio. Arthur adds, “This scholarship will allow us to go further and will help us reach our goals in this wonderful and crazy creative life”.

If interested in getting in touch with the winning team, please reach out to the ANDYs Team.