2019 Predictions from Chris Beresford-Hill, CCO | TBWA\Chiat\Day

Chris Beresford-Hill, CCO | TBWA\Chiat\Day |



What will be the biggest shift in your approach to creativity in 2019 and why?


After one year in the CCO position, I have seen that the way we treat each other at the agency correlates with the success of the work. For example, if you’re nervous about doing something wrong, you will not be free in your ideas, and possibly hold back some great thinking. So as a department, and agency, we’re going to focus on being great to each other, knowing that greatness will follow.


As the role of agencies continues to shift, and brands reevaluate their marketing models (e.g. the trend to move resources in-house) what can the ad industry do to showcase its value in new ways this year?


Our goal is, and has always been, to be indispensable partners to our clients. CMO’s have never been under more pressure, so there is an obvious opportunity to partner closely and help massively. Working hard on the things that keep each client up at night is something we will continue to focus on.


What was a hot industry tool/trend in 2018 that you anticipate going away in 2019, and what will it be replaced by?


I’m not sure it’s a trend, but 2018 felt like the year we talked about every aspect of the business but the creative work. New models are exciting and all, but where are the ideas?


What does the future of award shows look like? (e.g. – The ANDYs has moved to a no category award show/LIVE model)


I hope that less is more. When one piece gets “seven silvers,” I no longer understand what it means.