Masters of Media Panel for Ad Club of NY

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How do you survive in a content driven world? Storytelling is integral, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself. At Ad Club‘s Media: Now 2016 conference, ImageThink was graphic recording the Masters of Media Panel. Attendees received valuable insights into engagement, integration and smart partnerships when telling their stories.


  1. Creative agencies are storytellers, the trend now is letting the CONSUMERS tell the story
  2. Make smart strategic partners
  3. Focusing on ART will change the future of marketing in agencies
  4. The INDUSTRY has to be the content
  5. Cross brain your teams! It is all about agility: diversify your team and problem solve quickly like a small creative agency

We are all about content, so it was a perfect match to work with Ad Club on this event. Attendees responded well to the real-time capture of the tactics discussed, and we loved hearing what the speakers had to say.