Ray-Ban – Colossal

From Colossal Media

We don’t want to sound conceited, but with conspicuous placement at cultural centers across the country, we’re used to being the center of attention. This year with Ray-Ban, we were the life of the party as well.

Against one of our iconic Brooklyn units, Ray-Ban splashed eye-popping creative with our special Mad Science fluorescent paints. It was timed perfectly to be the backdrop to the 12th Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party, a famous community art event that has attracted nearly 20,000 attendees over the years. Art enthusiasts, hip-hop fans, and food truck followers flocked to the foot of the Ray-Ban mural to enjoy the day and hear Ice-T’s headline performance.



But the party didn’t stop there. Two more walls completed the Brooklyn domination campaign, creating buzz in every corner of the borough. The fluorescent paints caught attention by day, meanwhile by night a central Williamsburg wall was further enhanced with blacklight glow.

Content kept the vibes alive, with video and photography to memorialize this massive campaign and spread its reach to a global social media audience.