Rockstar – Michelle Wang


Michelle Wang is the Chief of Staff at BENlabs, the world’s largest entertainment AI company, where she helps scale and evolve the business through solving complex strategic and operational challenges. With a focus on driving value as well as efficiencies, in 2022 Michelle brought in the process of OKR’s (Objective and Key Results) goal setting to the entire organization to streamline priorities to make sure BENlabs hits goals and growth metrics. She also helped develop, launch, and execute the Executive Leadership Program which identifies top talent, offers C-suite level training and support over the course of a year. Michelle also launched the BENlabs new business product AI SaaS and has overseen the rapid growth and scale of the company through the hiring of 200 employees over the past two years.

Prior to joining BENlabs, Michelle was the Director of Strategy at Live Nation Entertainment, where she identified areas of strategic growth and partnerships for the rapidly evolving live event and ticketing landscape. Michelle has a background in management consulting with experience working at Deloitte Consulting and the Boston Consulting Group, during which she discovered her passion for strategic decision making through data and analytics. Michelle received her degree(s) in Finance and Economics at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.