Rockstar – Preeti Nadgar

Rockstar — Preeti Nadgar

Preeti, the Chief Strategy Officer at EssenceMediacom in the US, is not just a strategist but a proud first-generation Indian American, her accent a testament to her roots. She's a lover of Bollywood dance and music, infusing her life and work with the vibrant spirit of her culture. Beyond her professional role, Preeti serves as a mentor to many desi (SE Asian) people, guiding them through their careers with support and a home cooked meal!

A researcher of people, Preeti delves deep into understanding the intricacies of human behavior. She's a builder of brave brands, fearlessly leading them towards innovation and success. A comms strategy OG, she's honed her craft over years of experience, earning accolades that recognize her creative brilliance and her steadfast dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Preeti's energy for innovation knows no bounds, and her dedication to diversity is unwavering. She injects a dynamic vigor into both the leadership team and her clients' businesses, propelling them towards outcome-driven success. Her mantra, "Just here to make some dope sh*t," encapsulates her relentless drive to create impactful work that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

She advocates for marketing that transcends mere ad placements, focusing instead on fulfilling human needs while deftly navigating the complexities of algorithms. Outside of her professional endeavors, Preeti wears many hats with pride. She's a devoted special-needs mom, a compassionate dog rescuer, and an outspoken advocate for hybrid and virtual work environments—a true believer in creating a balanced and inclusive world for all.