See What You Missed at The Great Debate: Take 6

At The Great Debate: Take 6, the conversation about content took center stage as one of the most discussed and debated topics in our industry today. So what did we learn?

  • When it comes to content and brands, instant gratification isn’t enough for today’s consumers. People WWTWWTWI (want what they want when they want it) and it better be relevant and add value, or they will go ahead and create or curate it on their own.
  • One universal definition of measurement and ROI of content has yet to be identified. But if marketers provide content that creates an amazing experience, people will be inspired to share it and spread the content further. For some brands like GE, it’s all about “Brand Relevancing” – keeping the brand fresh and relevant through content. And according to Shelley Zalis of Ipsos, it’s about awareness, engagement, and then amplification.  (Check out the full interview with Shelley here.)
  • Brands: let consumers in. Let them participate in your content. They have a point of view and their contributions can create better stories. According to David Pemsel, Deputy Chief Executive, Guardian News & Media, this is how The Guardian has increased traffic and readership by leaps and bounds in recent years. As long as we keep consumers at the center, the overlap of content and technology has a rich future ahead of it. (Read the full interview with David here.)


  • Michael Kassan, Chairman, CEO, MediaLink
  • Linda Boff, Executive Director, Global Brand Marketing, GE
  • Tom Foran, Chief Revenue Officer, Outbrain
  • Stephen Kim, VP, Global Agencies & Accounts, Microsoft
  • Sam Olstein, East Coast Director, Ignition Factory, OMD
  • David Pemsel, Deputy Chief Executive, Guardian News & Media
  • Shelley Zalis, CEO, Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange
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From L-R: Linda Boff, Executive Director, Global Brand Marketing, GE; Tom Foran, Chief Revenue Officer, Outbrain; Stephen Kim, VP, Global Agencies & Accounts, Microsoft; Sam Olstein, East Coast Director, Ignition Factory, OMD; David Pemsel, Deputy Chief Executive, Guardian News & Media; Shelley Zalis, CEO, Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange; Gina Grillo, President & CEO, The AD Club of New York