The Great Debate: An Interview With Shelley Zalis, CEO, Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange

Shelley Zalis, CEO, Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange, shared her insight with us on some of the biggest trends impacting the advertising business today. Shelley will participate in a lively discussion at The Great Debate, tonight at 6-8 p.m. at The Dream Hotel Downtown. Don’t miss it!

AD Club: What is the biggest trend changing digital advertising today, and which online advertising models will last the distance?

Shelley Zalis, CEO, Ipsos Open Exchange Thinking

Shelley Zalis, CEO, Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange

Shelley Zalis: Digital advertising has gone mobile. Portable content that consumers can access anytime, anywhere on any device is the magic bullet for consumer engagement and added value. So brands must give consumers WTWWTWI!!!!!

AC: Consumers don’t mind being advertised to, as long as they are getting something out of it. How do you connect with consumers on all touchpoints and create a utility or value they can benefit from?

SZ: Content has to be created in an authentic way for each screen. We cannot just fill out a checklist and migrate content from screen to screen. Connected content must also cater to what the consumer wants and needs along their path to purchase ON DEMAND at every moment of truth!

AC: How is the rise of platforms like Whatsapp and Snapchat changing the way brands communicate with consumers?

SZ: Just because brands can be present in these new apps doesn’t necessarily mean they should. Proceed with caution and only be there if there is a natural, seamless and value added reason for deepening the relationship with your customer in these platforms. If not, they will share their negative experience which their 1,000 BFF’s.

AC: Now that anyone can be their own content creator, publisher and social media super star, how is the role of ‘influencer’ changing?

SZ: The world is not changing. The world has changed. People are multitasking and multi-screening on steroids 24/7. We are no longer living in a push world. We are living in a pull on demand world. Consumers are curating and sharing their own content especially if they don’t like what their brands are giving them. Listen to what your customers want and make sure it is value added and accessible when and where they are!


  1. […] One universal definition of measurement and ROI of content has yet to be identified. But if marketers provide content that creates an amazing experience, people will be inspired to share it and spread the content further. For some brands like GE, it’s all about “Brand Relevancing” – keeping the brand fresh and relevant through content. And according to Shelley Zalis of Ipsos, it’s about awareness, engagement, and then amplification.  (Check out the full interview with Shelley here.) […]