UniWorld Group (UWG) to Unveil White Paper on the Emotional and Rational Mindsets of Multicultural Consumers


A new white paper, titled “Both Head and Heart,” will be unveiled during Advertising Week XII September 28-October 2 in New York City. The paper will be presented by Monique L. Nelson, Chair and CEO, UWG, one of the country’s leading multicultural agencies, and Jeff Yang, SVP, Multicultural Consulting Lead, The Futures Company, a strategic insight and innovation consultancy. “Both Head and Heart” looks at marketing strategies designed to broadly connect with diverse audiences and the subsequent emergence of “Total Market.”

The session, “Both Head and Heart: A Conversation About the Emotional and Rational Mindsets of Multicultural Consumers,” will take place at 3 pm on October 1 at B.B. King Restaurant, 297 W. 42nd Street.

“In a world where multicultural consumers are rapidly becoming the majority of the market, we need to understand them more deeply and with greater sophistication than ever before,” says Monique Nelson. “Connecting in depth with multiculturals is critical to truly engage with them, and win their attention and loyalty. That means understanding when cultural resonance is particularly important to them, and why. By grasping the fluid interaction between the head and the heart to implement the appropriate strategy, this research shows us Total Market done right.”

This session explores the multicultural consumer’s fluid sense of identity, the “rational” and “emotional” consumer mindsets and how they impact purchase decisions. It will suggest optimal strategies for brands to pursue these consumers in culturally relevant ways. The presentation will include a creative stand-up, featuring comedian Aarona Lopez from Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘n Out, portraying marketers’ perception of multicultural consumers. Following this presentation, Nelson and Yang will co-lead an interactive open-forum discussion with conference attendees and highlight tools outlined in the paper.

The white paper will be available on October 1. To download it, visit http://thefuturescompany.com/free-thinking/head-and-heart/.

UWG partnered with The Futures Company to research the key drivers that shape multicultural consumer messaging expectations and behavior. The white paper was developed to gain a deeper understanding of how and when cultural context can be leveraged to more effectively communicate with multicultural consumers. This white paper and corresponding presentation during Advertising Week will cover these topics:

  • Multicultural consumers and their tendency to be “code-switchers” – how they constantly shift among behaviors and mindsets
  • The tendency in marketing to assume a split between rational and emotional mindsets – why this is a false dichotomy
  • Why the connection between the head and heart is especially important for marketers looking to reach multicultural consumers
  • Making sense of the mindsets (engaged, feeling, habitual, analytical) – how these align with different racial/ethnic age groups
  • A framework to categorize different Total Market strategies according to the degree to which they seek to resonate with multicultural consumers on a cultural level

“It has long been known that ethnic consumers ‘code-switch,’ ” says Jeff Yang, “fluidly shifting their attitudes and behaviors between perspectives, depending on environment and context. They tend to see the world through a cultural lens in emotional circumstances. Our research supports this hypothesis with an added twist – in situations that involve both emotion and rationality, both head and heart, multiculturals are even more likely to see the world through an ethnic lens. That,” he continues, “has some profound implications for marketers, especially those embracing a Total Market strategy.”

To request a media pass to attend “A Conversation About the Emotional and Rational Mindsets of Multicultural Consumers,” please contact Alexis Van Eyken, PR Coordinator, UWG at Alexis.VanEyken@uwgny.com or 212.219.7239.

For more information about the white paper, please contact Teresa Lyles Holmes at 212.219.7239 or Teresa.Holmes@uwgny.com


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